Due to lack of resources, we our postponing our donation page until 2017, but please do not let that stop you from participating in raising money and donating to these many other wonderful organizations fighting to end sex slavery around the world. Feel free to click through to any of these, read more about the cause and their efforts, and donate or purchase merchandise to support.



A21 follows a ‘4 P Model’ of prevention, protection, partnership, and prosecution. They train individuals with awareness, resources, and education to prevent cases of trafficking and help victims escape. They have fought on the legislative level, continuously trying to strengthen the fight against trafficking.

Agape International Missions

AIM deals with fighting sex trafficking, specifically in Cambodia. This organization trains people in the world of Cambodian sex trafficking and sends them to the country to save victims of trafficking and support those victims in the recovery process.

Called to Rescue

Called to Rescue focuses on identifying, rescuing, and supporting child victims of trafficking. Since 2015, they have rescued over 1,300 children from sex slavery. They also frequently hold training sessions to teach people, both in the field and not, to identify and prevent victims of slavery.

Children of the Night

Children of the Night is focused on stopping human trafficking. This organization focuses their attention on the rehabilitation of child victims. They provide free travel back to the US if necessary, partner with them and local authorities and organizations, and in some cases, families, to provide places the child can heal and develop and receive a quality education. The group has a program called Children of Night Without Walls (WOW) that is dedicated to this program of rehabilitation.

Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue sends Rescue Agents into low income and poverty areas in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and India. They find people who are either at risk or trapped in trafficking circles and help prevent or free them. THey also focus a lot of attention on making these areas self-sustainable financially to help reduce trafficking rates. This organization also has a Sponsor a Prevention Child program, Save a Child for $1500 program, and an online jewelry shop selling pieces made by young women who were rescued as part of their restoration process (all funds go directly to the areas where the jewelry was created).

Equality Now

Equality Now deals exclusively with women’s equality. They emphasize a more active stance than most, giving resources for important events, protests, stories, and movements people can be aware of.

Fight the New Drug

Fight the New Drug takes a different approach and raises awareness of the harmful impacts of pornography, one of which is sex slavery. They give presentations on their anti-pornography message at over 300 schools across the nation and help those struggling with their addiction. They approach this issue as a public health issue making it all-inclusive.

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice works in the US, UK, and Cambodia. They focus on men, women, and children trapped in slavery. They identify and rescue victims, advocate on their behalf, and provides restorative care that rebuilds lives and trains front-line professionals to tackle slavery. This organization also has a ‘Pledge Your Birthday’ campaign providing individuals with a fundraising page to share with friends and family on their birthday to raise funds for the cause in lieu of gifts.

International Justice Mission

IJM is very hands on with full time staff working and living in all the communities they work with. They collaborate with local authorities to make court cases, run investigations, and strengthen their ability to protect people from trafficking; they also work directly with victims as well. They provide tools and host events to help fund raise and raise awareness for the organization and its cause. Stand For Freedom, for example, is a 27 hour event held on campuses across the country meant to raise awareness of sex slavery and strengthen the fight against it.

Life for the Innocent

Life for the Innocent focuses their efforts on South Asia. They send teams into different countries in that part of the world to identify and rescue victims of trafficking. They provide resources, education, and health assistance to help them become self sustainable.


Love146 sends teams into low income areas to identify potential and current victims of sex trafficking. They spend time and resources to help these individuals become self sustainable as well as reducing the risk of trafficking through many ways including education, health, and training.

Not For Sale

Not For sale focuses their efforts on the US, Netherlands, Peru, Romania, and Thailand. They send workers out into known areas of high volume trafficking to help identify and rescue victims from trafficking. From there, they walk them through the recovery process and help re-implement them into society.

Polaris Project

Polaris offers victims clinical social services and have trained teams and fellowship programs that work all around the globe to help educate people about trafficking in an effort to reduce its impact. In terms of the actions they take, Polaris dedicate time to fight against trafficking through policy advocacy. They also supply tools, resources, and forms on their website to help people sign petitions, fundraise, raise awareness, and connect trafficking victims with the resources they need.

Ratanak International

Ratanak International deals exclusively with Cambodia. They send groups to the country to help alleviate and fight against sex slavery among others (poverty, education, healthcare, and social services).

Rescue Freedom

Rescue Freedom offers resources and tools to help other partnered organizations accomplish rescuing victims of trafficking more effectively. Their efforts are more focused on training their workers and raising awareness. In addition to accepting donations, they also offer the opportunity for individuals to sponsor a home where children are taken care of and protected.

Sanctuary Safe House

Sanctuary Safe House creates safe-houses for victims of trafficking without homes to go to. They provide facilities, services, and other accommodations to help victims rebuild their lives. This group donates 5% of their donations every month to other organizations combating trafficking more directly, and encourage others to do so as well.

Saving Innocence

Saving Innocence focuses on the prevention and saving of victims of sex slavery. They help teach victims and potential victims how to be self sustainable and protected (education, resources, connections with lawyers, etc.). They also partner heavily with a variety of professions (social workers, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement, etc.) in order to train people who might run into victims to easily identify and help them. Saving Innocence also hosts yearly events dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the organization. Past events include summer benefit concerts, rallies, and a yearly gala.

Slavery Footprint

Slavery Footprint focuses on raising awareness of the issue of slavery. Their homepage is a visual interactive quiz that calculates approximately how many slaves work (slavery footprint) for you based on your consumption and educates you on the issue along the way. They are strongly focused on making people aware of how they are connected to slavery (what people buy, where it’s made, etc.) and share information about the issue use social media and technology. Their blog section is constantly updated with new stories and reports about slavery.

Stop the Traffik

Stop the Traffik focuses a lot of their attention on gathering and analyzing information about the communities where trafficking happens to better understand how to prevent it. They partner with local authorities, businesses, schools, and charities, to fight trafficking. They have a strong global presence, working with countries such as Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Canada, and the US, just to name a few. They have five campaigns aimed at raising awareness of trafficking: Freedom Sunday, Traffik Free Chocolate, Make Fashion Traffik, Spot the Traffik, and GIFT Box.