Do you have something to say? The world wants your story.

Whether you were a victim of sexual slavery, have a secondhand account, or have had a unique experience as a result of participating in No Makeup November, we want to hear it.

We can share statistics about how more than 2 million children are exploited every year, and we can share facts about how it’s estimated that 161 countries are affected by human trafficking— but to many, those are just numbers. Your real stories are important in providing perspective to the general public. No matter how big or small, your story is part of the dialogue.

I want to share my story!

Things to consider:

  • How has sex slavery impacted you or someone you know?
  • How do you use makeup in your daily life? What changed when you went 30 days without wearing makeup?


– All stories must be non-fiction and may be subject to verification if the topic involves sexual slavery.
– In the case where verification is required, No Makeup November will keep the source’s name(s) private, when requested.

We appreciate you abiding by these policies.

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